Who We Are

We are not just a company. We believe in freedom and unending abundance. In everything we do our aim is to bring FREEDOM to the lives of individuals around the world.
Our unique systems, Strategies, Products and Services are simple and user friendly; beautifully designed to enable an individual experience Abundance, wealth & freedom.

Our Mission

Empower ONE MILLION adults globally to experience an extraordinary lifestyle of freedom

Our Services



Experience seasoned education on the financial market from the academy with 60+ Video Tutorials that covers everything from Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Forex, binary options and Cryptocurrency education. This equips you with the relevant knowledge to build real wealth and freedom.

Access real-time binary options signals directly from our market experts. Grow your money on a weekly and monthly basis using just a portion of your time daily from Monday to Friday.

Experience weekly detailed and interactive Live Trading Education from our team of Top Forex Educators and Traders with over two decades of experience, This will help you sharpen your skillset and stay massively profitable in the Financial markets.

Enjoy Real time Forex Trade alerts delivered to you directly from our team of top traders. this service is available from monday to Friday and it’s accessible through any smart device.

FXB GROWTH: Experience our Automated Trading system with a 50% annual subscription and Enjoy limitless flow of abundance. Automation is the future

Elite Starter Pack   $235

Enjoy the power
  • ITU Academy
  • Live TV
  • Profit Zone
  • PIPS Pro

Standard Starter Pack   $135

Enjoy the Freedom
  • ITU Academy
  • Live TV
  • Profit Zone


Experience our automated forex trading systems. Automation is the future.

Are you ready to take control?